On Halloween we took Julianne trick-or-treating around our neighborhood (really just to several houses of ladies wanting to see our cute little kitty cat). After this we went to our church's Fall Festival. Julianne had a great time looking and sitting in a fire engine and playing a couple of games (which really just meant playing with the ducks in the duck pond, putting a ball in hole, and holding the ball at the soccer kick). We went on a hayride, shared some popcorn, went through an inflatable obstacle course, and slid down a huge inflatable slide.

Pumpkin Painting and Super Heroes

On Saturday I decided that as a family we needed to do something crafty, so we took our Pumpkins and each painted one of them. It started out with us using paint brushes to create our masterpieces, but ended up with Julianne just finger painting. She had a blast making a mess!

On Monday night Julianne and I met up with some friends at Chick-Fil-A's Princess and Superhero Night. Julianne went as Super Girl. She got a free kids meal for wearing the costume and enjoyed every bite of it. Here are some pictures!

Boo Boos Galore

The last few days I have thought very seriously about wrapping Julianne in bubble wrap before letting her play for the day. Okay, maybe not wrap her whole body in bubble wrap, but at least her precious little head. A couple days ago she fell off the step in front of our townhouse head first into the concrete sidewalk below. The result was a bit of crying (although really not that much) and a large scab on her forehead. She also scraped her hand up either during that fall or one of the several other tumbles that day.

Trip to Huber's Farm

Julianne - 14 months

Julianne turned 14 months yesterday and is still a little ball of energy. She loves playing outside with all of the neighbor kids and joins in like she's a big kid. The weather has been so nice here that we spend a lot of time outside. She is finally using "Mama" and "Dada" specifically for Stephen and I in order to get our attention. She is increasingly trying to imitate words we say. The other night I told her to stop and she spent the rest of the evening telling me "tah," which I guess is stop to her.

The World's Largest Halloween Party

On Saturday evening we went to the Louisville Zoo for The World's Largest Halloween Party (that's really what it's called). We got to walk around the zoo and each area was set up with a certain theme in mind (Super Heroes, Princesses, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, Jungle book, etc.). It was quite a production and I thought it was really well done. Julianne dressed up and was the cutest bear in the zoo. I knew people might mistake her for a boy since the costume was not feminine so I placed a pink bow on the ear of the costume.

The Ken-ducky Derby

This past weekend we were blessed to have several visitors from out of town. My mom, Stephen's parents, and several good friends came to Louisville for the wedding of a friend of ours. We had so much fun hanging out with everyone and catching up. On Saturday we all went to the Ken-ducky Derby. Now this is not to be confused with the Kentucky Derby (the horse race), but this is actually a rubber duck race that takes place in the Ohio River. Julianne loves rubber ducks so we thought she would enjoy this. We first had a yummy lunch at Joe's Crab Shack which overlooks the river.

Riverboat Cruise

Sunday was a day filled with many excitements. We started our day by attending our church, which met this Sunday at a local high school's auditorium, due to the final day of the Ryder Cup, which is only a stone's throw from our usual church building. Truthfully, I wasn't really looking forward to going because we had to take Julianne into the service with us. I love my little girl, but she usually isn't very quiet for things like this, so I knew I would have to take her out and would miss the service. I also was feeling tired from a long week without any electricity.

Julianne - 13 months

Currently we are still without power after Hurricane Ike pummeled the Ohio Valley (oddly enough). Really we had some serious wind damage this past Sunday which caused much of the Louisville area, including us, to lose power for more than three days. They predict having power back to everyone within 10 to 14 days. Yea!

Our Little Climber

Julianne loves to climb!


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