First Sucker

Yesterday Julianne went for her 18 month appointment. Everything looked good except for her ears. Both ears still are infected, so we're trying to decide if she needs tubes or not. Because she has constant fluid on her ears I am somewhat concerned about her language development. She has quite a vocabulary, but still does not make some sounds and tends to drop sounds in almost every word she says. So, in other words, we can understand her, but many others can't. At some point in our conversation I told the doctor that she doesn't really say the "p" sound. The doctor looked at her and said, "Say puppy" and lo and behold Julianne says, "puppy" as clear as day. Of course when I asked her later she would only say "pee" but we've been working more on it. Her stats were as follows: Length- 32in (50th percentile), Weight- 23lbs 6oz (30th percentile), Head Circumference- 18.9 in (85th percentile).

While we were checking out of the doctor's office Julianne was drawn to a basket of suckers (or "nummies" (yummies) as she would call them). She grabbed one before I could stop her so I let her have her very first sucker while we drove home from the doctor. Bad idea. From the rear view mirror I got glimpses of purple, grape, sticky drool pouring out of her mouth onto her coat and carseat. By then there was no turning back and I knew I could not take the sucker from her. Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed the sucker until it was completely gone and even then tried to eat the stick it was on. There was much cleaning up that followed. Here are some pictures.