Julianne - 18 months

Yesterday Julianne turned a year and a half. In the past couple of weeks toddlerhood has really set in for our girl. She still is sweet, loving, and funny in so many ways, but she has developed a difficult streak too. She gets so frustrated at the littlest things and still doesn't have the vocabulary to tell us what is wrong, so she has started hitting. Most of the time she hits her toys, but once in a while she'll hit us or Abby. Needless to say, timeouts have become frequent. Her favorite word is still "No,no,no." Saying it once is not enough, so she usually repeats it over and over. I feel like I have a real toddler now!

In the past several weeks Julianne started saying "Amee" (Amen) when we would pray at mealtime or bedtime. She's learned to repeat after us and say "Dat you Dod" (Thank you God), but loves saying "Amee" much more than the actual prayer. Whenever we pray she continuously says "Amee" until we're done praying. It's pretty hard to concentrate on praying when you hear her little voice chirping "Amee" every couple of seconds.

Her favorite activities include having "boo"s(books) read to her, taking care of her babies, and drawing. Whenever I make my grocery list or write anything down on paper, she wants to "write" too. Julianne's favorite animals are a "muhmee"(monkey) and a "yeow"(cat). She has developed quite an obsession over shoes and loves to pick out the shoes she wears. Many days in the past week she has chosen to wear her snow boots. She also enjoys picking out her own clothes and accessorizing with a variety of hats, necklaces, coats, and even her daddy's ties. She is quite the girly girl and we're enjoying watching her change from a baby to a little girl! Here are some pictures.