Funny Story

Last night Julianne was taking her bath and had two of her plastic babies in the tub with her. She is still quite the little mommy and even bathes her babies. Bath time went smoothly until it was time to dry everyone off (including the babies). I noticed that one of the babies had acquired some water inside of it, so seeing that I could slightly loosen one of the legs to drain the water, I did so, but not carefully enough. As I was loosening the leg I loosened it too much and the leg came off of the baby. A horrified and terrified look came across Julianne's face and then the screaming started. I quickly tried to pop the leg back on, but had no success. I'm not exactly sure why, but this was all very funny to Stephen and I, so we started laughing uncontrollably while our daughter cried uncontrollably. We finally managed to get the baby's leg back on and comforted Julianne, but she probably cried for the next ten minutes over the awful thing that had happened to her beloved baby. Needless to say, this morning when I realized that the baby was still leaking water, I did the surgery behind closed doors where I would not scar my daughter for life. We have decided that this baby no longer needs to be bathed. Here are some pictures of our girl.