Snow, Ice, & Power

We finally have power back after five days of living without it. On Tuesday it snowed several inches and then iced .5 - 1 inch. Tuesday evening we were watching the news remarking how glad we were to still have power after learning that many did not, when we heard a pop and all went dark. All through the night we heard the cracking of branches that were breaking under the weight of all the ice, one of which broke our car's back windshield. When we got up the next morning it was pretty cold in our townhouse, so we made plans to spend the day at a friend's house. We ended up staying with our wonderful friends, Lee and Charity, for the next five days while we were without power. The snow and ice were beautiful to look at, but horrible to drive in. Some good did come of this mess. We got to spend some wonderful and relaxing time with our friends and Abby and Julianne got to play a bit in the snow. Abby loved trying to catch snowballs, which looked more like she was trying to eat them than catch them. Julianne wasn't crazy about walking in the snow, but enjoyed chowing down on some icicles. Here are some pictures.