Julianne - 17 months

Yesterday Julianne turned 17 months. The past couple of weeks we haven't done anything overly exciting; we've just been getting back into a routine after Christmas. Julianne went to the pediatrician a week and a half ago to re-check her ears and, yes, she still has an ear infection. The pediatrician was ready to send us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor for tubes, but we decided to take a month or so and try some natural remedies recommended to us. I'm not usually into "natural" stuff, but I want to give it a try before we consider tubes. About a week after her doctor appointment Julianne's nose started running, she started coughing, and running a fever (all signs that the ear infection was in full swing). I began giving her garlic/mullein drops in her ears twice a day. Now, they don't smell the greatest, but in the past day she has really seemed to be on the mend, so we'll see if this method will work until we're out of cold season.

Overall, Julianne has been quite the trooper while not feeling well. She thrives on playing with her babies, looking at books and having books read to her, accessorizing her outfits by picking out bows and shoes (it's really funny to see the combinations she comes up with), "riding" Abby, and "talking" on the phone (all she really says is "hi"). Another favorite activity is swinging from our kitchen table. She will hold on to the edge of the table and then lift her feet and let herself swing.

Because Julianne was a late talker, I never thought I would say this, but she tends to be quite a chatter box. She imitates just about anything we say, including repeating the alphabet and counting. When asked her name or when she sees herself in pictures she has begun calling herself "Ju-Ju". In the past week her favorite and frequently said words are: "boo" (book), "baby," "Abby" (which she says very clearly now), "ball," and of course "no" (which she repeats over and over very sweetly). I recently caught her saying "No, Mama" when we were in Target the other day. I was not impressed with this accomplishment. Other words she has mastered are: "Yiyi" (Shiloh), "bah" (bath), "tees" (cheese-she says this any time she sees a camera), "muh" (milk), "bee" (please), "dot you" (got you), "wa-wa"(water), "ra-ra" (rabbit), "bee-bee" (beep-beep), "e" (eat), "yeow" (cat), "dow" (down) "boop-boo" (poo-poo), and "eww." Here are some pictures of our little girl.