Christmas 2008

We are finally home in Louisville after almost two weeks of traveling. Julianne and I flew to St. Louis the weekend before Christmas then Stephen joined us on Christmas Eve. The weekend after Christmas we went to Springfield, MO to my Great-Grandma's 100th Birthday party. The last leg of our adventure occurred last night when we drove to Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with Julianne's Uncle Jason and Aunt Laura. We had a wonderful time with all of our family and friends that we spent time with.

Compared to last Christmas Julianne was much more involved. She enjoyed opening her gifts (and sometimes helping others open theirs too!), eating Christmas cookies, and playing with the toys that she received. By far, her favorite gift was a baby doll that her Great-Grandma Muhleman gave her. Julianne also got to enjoy a sleepover at Papa and Gigi's house (Grandpa and Grandma Mobley). They were nice enough to take her so that Stephen and I could go on a date.

It seems like whenever we visit family Julianne always learns so many new things. She is imitating the words we say more frequently and is speaking much more clearly. And this has occurred just in the past two weeks. Some of her favorite words are: "baby," "peee" (please), "mo" (more), "no mo" (no more), "eee" (eat), and "yeow" (meow, which means cat). She also loved calling all of her family members by their respective names. Julianne also shocked us one day by pointing to her facial features and naming each of them. It is amazing what kids learn when we don't even realize they're paying attention. Well enough rambling, here are some pictures.