Julianne - 16 months

Julianne turned 16 months yesterday and celebrated the occasion a day early by going to the doctor. She still has an ear infection, so we are on to another antibiotic. Fortunately, the child likes most medicine.

The past several weeks Julianne has loved getting to see all of the Christmas decorations. I left several ornaments on the lower branches that she could play with and she carries them around and often hides them in kitchen cabinets, the crock pot, or in her toy basket. I'm sure we'll be finding ornaments for months to come. Because she enjoys babies so much, she loves seeing baby Jesus in books, Christmas cards, and nativity scenes. She calls Him "Jee-Jee." One day I found baby "Jee-Jee" in the nativity scene with a blue ball. All of the other characters had been carried off to some other destination. You never know what you will find with a one year old roaming around.

Julianne is constantly picking up new words. She rarely says all syllables of a given word, but we understand what she is saying most of the time. Some new words this month have been, "Bibuh"(Bible), "yuh-yuh"(yuck-yuck), "mo"(more), "wah-wah"(water), "mole"(she loves pointing out moles on people), "boo-boo"(poo-poo), and "nah-nah"(snowman). Her favorite word by far is "no," which she says quite clearly. She is just now starting to tell us "no" when she doesn't want to do something, like cleaning up.

Julianne and I will be flying to St. Louis on Saturday, so I have been talking about all of the people she will see. She has learned many of their names. She says "Gigi" for Grandma Mobley, "Papa" for Grandpa Mobley, "Mimi" for Grandma Bryant, "Ry-Ry" for Uncle Ryan, "Jay-Jay" for uncle Jason, "La-La" for Aunt Laura, and "Dee-Dee" for Uncle Andy. She is very much looking forward to seeing many family and friends (so am I!). Here are some pictures.