Julianne - 15 months

Julianne went to her 15 month well check this morning and here are her stats: Length- 31.5in(80th percentile), Weight-22lbs 3oz(45th percentile), Head Circumference-18.5in(75th percentile). Everything looked good except her ears. She has yet another double ear infection. She has had a runny nose and cough for the past several weeks, but never acted like her ears bothered her. She still doesn't act like they bother her. Julianne's developmental skills were right on target and she actually met many of the 18 month skills too. At her 12 month check-up the doctor was a little concerned that she was not saying any words yet, but in the past month her language has really blossomed. She now says "ball," "bow," "momo"(Elmo), "bah-bah" (bye-bye or bottle), "ni-ni" (night-night), "nah" (nap), "nana" (banana), "mama," "dada," "whoa," "ta" (stop), "hi," and "daydee" (baby). It seems like she picks up a new word each day. She also loves to make animal sounds and point to her facial features when asked where they are.

Her favorite things to play with are her baby dolls. She will give them hugs and kisses, feed them bottles, give them snacks, wrap them in blankets, and pat them on the back. She is so sweet to watch. We have been teaching Julianne to clean up her toys, especially since she now dumps everything she sees. She can be a very good helper when she feels like it, but most of the time it is quite a struggle to get her to help clean up the messes she's made. Although she has her rough moments, overall she is an independent, easy going, outgoing, funny little girl. Here are some pictures.