Boo Boos Galore

The last few days I have thought very seriously about wrapping Julianne in bubble wrap before letting her play for the day. Okay, maybe not wrap her whole body in bubble wrap, but at least her precious little head. A couple days ago she fell off the step in front of our townhouse head first into the concrete sidewalk below. The result was a bit of crying (although really not that much) and a large scab on her forehead. She also scraped her hand up either during that fall or one of the several other tumbles that day. The next day I was trying to quickly stop Julianne from doing something that was a "no-no" and accidentally caught her cheek with my nail. I felt horrible although she really didn't seem to get too upset about it. The day after this I was getting ready to walk out of the house, holding Julianne, and she flung back and hit her head on the corner of the kitchen wall. This one didn't leave any serious mark, although it was kind of purple for the rest of the day. At this rate I'm wondering how many scars she will have before she enters elementary school. Despite her less than graceful moments, she is still just as daring as ever!

Last Saturday night we had our second annual Adult Bible Fellowship Chili Cook-Off. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, food, and flag football with this group of dear friends from our church. I've included some pictures from this fun filled event too.