Julianne - 14 months

Julianne turned 14 months yesterday and is still a little ball of energy. She loves playing outside with all of the neighbor kids and joins in like she's a big kid. The weather has been so nice here that we spend a lot of time outside. She is finally using "Mama" and "Dada" specifically for Stephen and I in order to get our attention. She is increasingly trying to imitate words we say. The other night I told her to stop and she spent the rest of the evening telling me "tah," which I guess is stop to her. She would say it and then grin at me like she was saying "See I can say it too mom." Julianne loves playing with blocks and although she can't yet build with them, she sure can knock them down like a pro. She thinks it's so funny to knock over mommy's buildings. She also loves playing with her dolls. She enjoys hugging them and patting them on the back. She continues to like "reading" books. Here are some pictures of our sweet 14 month old.