Julianne - 13 months

Currently we are still without power after Hurricane Ike pummeled the Ohio Valley (oddly enough). Really we had some serious wind damage this past Sunday which caused much of the Louisville area, including us, to lose power for more than three days. They predict having power back to everyone within 10 to 14 days. Yea!

On a lighter note, Julianne is 13 months today. She is still climbing here, there, and everywhere. She has the scrapes and bumps to prove it. Nevertheless she's unphased by those minor obstacles and is exploring interesting, new places everyday. Although she has always been quite independent, she is even more so now. She likes to do things a certain way (HER way) and becomes very frustrated when mommy or daddy steps in to help. A next door neighbor gave her a tricycle and she loves playing on it. When I try to help her avoid running into trees or I stop pushing her she lets me know her displeasure by crying and throwing herself on the ground. Her newest addition to her temper tantrum is putting her head down on the ground while she is crying. She simply touches it to the ground and then lifts it up to show a big open mouth cry. We're working on expressing our feelings in more appropriate ways!

Julianne's speech is continuing to develop slowly. She says "duh" for duck, "at" for cat, and is beginning to say "buh-buh" for bye-bye. She waves to say hello and bye-bye. When we're playing outside she actually waves to every car, person, or animal that she sees. We are continuing to teach Julianne sign language to help her have another means of communication. In the past month she has learned to sign "more." We're still working on "please" and "thank you." Although she doesn't say or sign many words she definitely communicates her wants and needs by pointing and saying "uh" or by going and getting what she wants herself. One funny thing she has started doing is walking around in circles. She seems to get a kick out of this. She also loves to dance when she hears music. She'll either move her feet really fast or squat and bounce. She is such a funny girl. Here are some pictures.