Julianne - 12 months

Happy Birthday Julianne! Even though it is a couple of days past Julianne's first birthday we are still celebrating by playing with all of the cool toys she got and by eating leftover cupcakes that we had at her party. On Saturday we had a party for her at a park in St. Louis. It was beautiful weather for an August evening and we celebrated the big event with many friends and family. The party had a rubber duck theme since Julianne is enthralled with ducks. There was a tub of water with rubber ducks floating in it, duck cupcakes, duck mints, duck books, and even goldfish crackers for all the little "ducks" to eat. Yum! Yum! Julianne had a blast playing in the water and enjoyed all the attention from everyone. She walked all around (yes, a new development -she is actually walking well just about everywhere) and ate a whole plateful of food. She wasn't crazy about eating her own birthday cupcake. Actually she didn't eat any of it and just got icing all over her. She also wasn't too crazy about opening her presents. She didn't quite know what to do, so we, along with the help of her friend, Annabelle, opened the presents which she proceeded to attempt to play with in their packaging. On her actual birthday (Sunday) she went to Grandma and Grandpa Mobley's church and then had lunch at Pirrone's (a heavenly St. Louis style pizza place in Florissant). We then stuck her in the car in her now forward-facing car seat and headed back to Louisville. It was nice to have her facing forward because I could hand her toys to keep her entertained and she could see everything going on.

Today Julianne went to her 12 month well check at her pediatrician. Here are her stats: Weight- 21 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile), Height- 29 in (45th percentile), Head Circumference- 18.25 in (80th percentile). Everything looked good, except the doctor was a little concerned that she is not saying any words yet and that she is not saying mama and dada specifically for us. She does say "mama" and "dada" but not always to get our attention. She makes many sounds and babbles constantly and even tries to imitate sounds we make. She does try to say "duck" but it comes out as "duh." Anyway the doctor said that most 12 month olds should be saying "mama", "dada", and 5 other words. Right after we had the discussion of her not saying any words the doctor turned around to do some paperwork and Julianne and I were looking at a book. She pointed to a picture of a doctor so I said, "doctor." Almost as clear as I said it, she proceeded to say what sounded like "doctor." Her doctor turned around and said that we could count that as her first word. Here I have been sticking with simple monosyllabic words and I guess she just needed something more difficult! Overall, Julianne is a very healthy little girl and is developing just fine. She is walking well, squatting to pick up a toy, standing up without pulling herself up holding onto something, looking and pointing to pictures in books, clapping, and even is starting to use some baby sign language (she does "more" at this point). Well, for those of you who have read this entire entry, thanks for sticking with me. Here are some pictures of our sweet one year old.