Encouraging Words

Last night we had a few close friends over to our house. It was exciting and really fun to share the news of baby Mobley with them. We talked for hours about the joys and difficulties of pregnancy and encouraged one another.

I think the most powerful message in our whole discussion was the reminder of God's faithfulness in the middle of seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Being pregnant (speaking as a couple) is so amazing and wonderful. Knowing that God has so kindly given us this baby as a gift and a blessing stirs up thankfulness. I think we are brimming—and maybe overflowing—with joy, and at the same time the anxieties about money and time and lifestyle change are creeping in too. Graciously, God knows every need and I was gently reminded of his care for us. It's not that something spectacular happened, but the joy of good friendships really ministered peace and trust to my doubting mind. Though God we think God will need to accomplish some major things to provide for us when our baby Mobley arrives, we have confidence in his care and concern for us. We "cast our cares on him, for he cares for us" and by grace "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness" for in that we have confident expectation that all our other needs will be met—food, shelter, clothing, etc. Lest you think these are my pearls of wisdom, I must thank my friend A for his encouraging words.

I was reminded of George Muller last night. He was a man mighty in prayer who witness God triumph over obstacles of insurmountable height. Muller was always praying fervently, and always expecting God to provide for the needs of his ministry (he ran an orphanage and was a pastor). The book ends with a moving account of many needs and many answered prayers lined up side-by-side. It is the most moving autobiography/compiled memoirs I have read yet. My hope is that I will learn from the wisdom and godly character of Muller, and apply myself to prayer like I've not ever done before. In doing this, Allison and I anticipate the provision of God and the joy of thanksgiving for his blessings.