Julianne - 11 months

Well our baby is now 11 months old. I'm sure this coming month will fly by (as the last 11 have) and soon enough she'll be a year old. I never thought having an older baby would be as fun as it actually has. When Julianne was younger I always thought I wanted her to stay that young, but I feel like each stage she passes though gets more fun (and challenging at times).

I'm not even sure where to start when it comes to what Julianne is doing these days because she is constantly changing and doing things that make us laugh. One big gross motor accomplishment is that she is starting to walk. She will usually take 6-7 steps at a time and has become very graceful at landing on her backside when her attempt to walk don't go as planned. She also walks very well on her knees, which is very funny to watch. She kind of jumps and scoots on her knees while her hands are in the air holding a toy or something. She still is not really saying any words (she says "da" for everything)but she now will point to things and say "eh" when she sees something she wants. She has become an expert at drinking out of her sippy cup and lets us know when she wants a drink by saying "nah-nah-nah" over and over again as loudly as possible. She usually says "duh" for duck (she loves rubber ducks) and "daydee" or "dayee" for her baby doll.

Another very sweet development is that she has begun to give hugs and kisses. This started with her hugging and kissing the ring bearers that were in the wedding she was in this past month and has moved on to her doing the same to Stephen, myself, and her little friend, Shiloh. Julianne has always been a good eater and continues to amaze us. She, today for the first time, fed herself from a spoon. It wasn't perfect and only lasted for a few bites, but it is a start. She is not eating any more pureed foods and is pretty much eating what we do. She loves bananas, cereal(Kix and Cheerios), yogurt, cheese sandwiches, cooked carrots, pasta with tomato sauce, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and squash. Really, I can't think of much that she doesn't like! Well here are some pictures of our sweet 11 month old.