Julianne - 10 months

Time flies when you're having fun and we are definitely having fun keeping up with our sweet girl. She continues to gain speed and is into completely everything! She cannot stand to be still, which makes it very difficult to take a nap. Julianne has never been a wonderful napper, but this is even more so now. If she is not totally exhausted she will just play in her crib, talk to herself, and laugh at just about anything. It's actually quite funny to listen to, although I wish she were resting instead. Even when she doesn't nap well she is a happy camper. She enjoys looking through books, hugging her baby doll, chewing on rubber ducks, examining her magnetic letters ("o" is her favorite), rummaging through her toy box, and taking anything out of the kitchen cabinets that she can get her hands on. Actually one day last week I accidentally left the pantry door open and Julianne got her puffs (a tasty Gerber snack) container. Before I could stop her she had opened the container, that fortunately only had a little left inside, and dumped them on the floor. She proceeded to eat all of them and even shared a few with Abby. Now for those of you thinking how unsanitary it is to let our child eat off the floor, this is not common practice in our household, but at the time it was quite precious and the floor was pretty clean.

The past couple of weeks Julianne's appetite has really picked up. For awhile I was a little concerned that she wasn't eating enough because she just would not sit down long enough to eat. I think she's making up for this now though. I still continue to spoon feed her one chunky fruit or vegetable at each meal, but the rest she pretty much eats on her own. She enjoys eating bagels and cream cheese, cubed cheese, ham, turkey, chicken, rice cakes, crackers, diced fruit and vegetables, cheerios, corn chex, bread, raisins, and of course puffs. Today she tried cottage cheese for the first time and seemed to like it. Also, on Father's Day she tried her first cookie. I wasn't meaning to give it to her but she grabbed it off the counter and inhaled it practically before we could stop her. Julianne continues to be quite vocal. She still loves saying "dada" but has actually started saying "mama." She doesn't necessarily say it only to me, but it is a step in the right direction. Julianne has also started standing on her own for up to 5 seconds. Most of the time it happens when she has a toy in both hands and doesn't want to drop either to hold on to something, but she is experimenting with this new freedom more and more often. Well I'll stop writing and let you get to the pictures!