Water Fun

Julianne has always enjoyed bathtime, but especially loves it now that she can move about as she pleases. She crawls around, stands up, splashes, and chews on her favorite crab toy. In the last week she has also gotten to experience two more water opportunities. Last week Julianne and I went to the Louisville Zoo's Splash Park with a friend of ours. We had fun looking at all the animals, but it was really, really hot, so after walking around the zoo a bit we stopped at the Splash Park. Julianne had a blast! There is a smaller area for littler kids and she loved getting to crawl with all the other kids. There were holes in the ground where water would come up intermittently and she especially enjoyed putting her face right over the hole and getting a face full of water. After seeing how much she enjoyed playing in the water I decided to get a little kiddie pool for our backyard. Sunday afternoon we filled it up and stuck Julianne in it with her two rubber ducks. Other than being a little shocked at the coolness of the water, she was excited to get to splash around and chew on her ducks.

One more quick story: A couple of days ago I was going through a drawer of Julianne's things trying to organize and get rid of some things. Well she, of course, wanted to help and as she was helping she came upon an old pacifier of hers. She stopped taking a pacifier at about four months. You would have thought she had discovered a hidden treasure. She has been carrying around that thing for the past several days. She doesn't suck on it, but she loves chewing on it. I think it probably relieves her little gums from teething pains, although she has not been at all bothered by the process (we are very thankful for this). She has sprouted one more tooth in the last day or two. This time it is one of her top front teeth. Here are some pictures.