First Picture of Our Little One

Allison and I are rapidly approaching four years of marriage. We have enjoyed the past few years of life on our own, but we felt like someone was missing. For a while we mitigated our feelings with a weee pup (our beloved Abby), but things have changed.

Back in December, shortly after visiting everyone in St. Louis, we discovered that Allison was pregnant. We have been holding in our little secret because we wanted some more proof than just the little pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test. Monday we went to the obgyn and we were excited to see and hear our first little Mobley child (God willing maybe the first of 10 or 11 more - haha!). Anyhow, here's the tangible evidence...


When you read this, you should give us a call. We're pretty excited about this and look forward to celebrating with you!