Oraleigh - 10 Months

The day that Oraleigh turned ten months she took her first steps. She tries to take 2-5 steps then falls down on her bottom. Her main mode of transportation is still crawling though and she can get anywhere pretty fast. Some of her favorite places to go are the bathroom to play in the toilet which her siblings regularly forget to flush (yuck!), the office, which has a junk pile that she likes to scatter everywhere, and the drawers in the kitchen so she can empty out all of the nicely folded towels and small kitchen gadgets. She rarely plays with actual baby toys and truthfully I forget to get them out for her because she is so entertained by playing with paper and spoons. She absolutely loves to tear paper and at her 9 month check up, which was actually when she was 10 months, she had a blast tearing up the paper on the exam table. Oraleigh’s first Christmas was full of paper tearing, playing in boxes, napping, eating monkey bread for the first time, and getting into her siblings’ new toys. Oraleigh has relapsed on her sleep schedule and now is waking up somewhat regularly once at night or early in the morning. If she nurses she will go back to sleep for the rest of the night. Her nap schedule has relapsed too and she has been refusing or fighting some of her afternoon naps. One day she will sleep and until then I’ll just enjoy her sweet spirit since she is generally a very easy going, happy little girl. She continues to be a good eater and eats just about anything that is put in front of her. We are so thankful for this darling girl and she has captured our hearts!