Oraleigh - 9 Months

Right at 9 months Oraleigh started standing up without having to pull up on something. She loves to do this and wave her arms until she loses her balance and falls with a thud onto her diapered bottom. She continues to crawl at great speed and sometimes tries to go so fast that her arms can’t keep up with her and she falls on her face. She is not yet creeping along furniture but likes to push chairs, her activity table, and stools. A few weeks into her ninth month she attempted to take her first step. She desperately wants to be upright and keep up with her siblings. This month was a big month for Oraleigh. Not only did she take her first step, but she decided she was finally ready to sleep through the night unswaddled. To celebrate, Oraleigh earned the right to sleep in her crib in the same room with her sisters. She sleeps well and loves to wake up with them in the room. Several times the girls have gotten her up or played with her for awhile to keep her happy. She absolutely loves her sisters and often lunges at them when they are near so that they will hold her. She loves her brothers too, but the way they play with her usually ends in her crying. Nolan has been known to ride her and Morgan has been seen holding Oraleigh upside down by her feet. She is definitely a tough girl. She loves to eat and is pretty much just on tablefoods. She usually refuses pureed foods. Her favorite foods are bananas, grapes, oranges, peas, turkey, chicken, cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, pizza, and spaghetti.