First Time Ice Skating

The Salt Lake public skating rink offered a free day to skate in September so we took the kids, got skates on them, and sent them out to try out ice skating. They had instructors on the ice to help. Julianne did not want to skate with the walkers they have to assist new skaters and mainly stayed around the edges to use for support. She was not super steady but worked hard, didn’t give up, and improved in her skating abilities. Lorelei, on the other hand, used the walker the entire time and skated confidently all around the rink with a friend of hers. Morgan was hesitant to put the ice skates on and wanted nothing to do with getting out on the ice. He got much better at walking in his skates and eventually did go on the ice with an instructor and did well skating a little by himself and with the walker. Nolan loved walking around in his skates and even wanted to try getting out on the ice, but he was not quite ready developmentally.