Oraleigh - 8 Months

Oraleigh is still on the move and has gotten much faster at crawling. She can get just about anywhere and is into everything wherever she goes. She dumps out puzzles, scatters Legoes, gets into the plastic cup drawer and throws them all over the kitchen, and regularly gets the tv remote basket down to scatter our remotes all over the living room. Her siblings still love her, but she’s starting to fall out of favor with them as she gets into their things. Oraleigh has gotten much better at standing independently. She pulls up on furniture and then lets go, standing for 10-20 seconds. She loves to stand and wave her hands up and down like she’s dancing, which usually upsets her balance and makes her fall back on her diapered tushie. She has become quite frustrating to diaper and change her clothing. She does not want to lie on her back and fusses at me every time I flip her over back to her back after she turns over and quickly crawls away. It takes much longer to get her dressed than it should because I have to constantly bring her back and pin her down to get her clothes on. This process is quite loud too because she screams and cries as I’m restraining her. Getting her in her carseat is a challenge too. One hand pins her down while the other hand tries to get her buckled. She is having her first experiences of sternly being told “no”.
She still loves to eat, although, she got her first stomach bug and stopped eating normally for a couple of weeks. She was only sick for a day, but it must have upset her desire for food because she stopped wanting to try new foods and ate much less for about two weeks, then all of a sudden decided she was ready to eat normally. She also got her first tooth this month so that might have been part of the reason for the food strike. So far she just has that one tooth, but it doesn't stop her from eating anything she sees us eating. She eats just about anything we’re having and prefers chunks of foods compared to pureed foods. This month she has tried chunks of bananas, sweet potatoes, fish, zucchini, rice, goldfish, Chick fil a chicken, and small piece of popcorn. She loves to crawl around the dining room and kitchen eating anything she can find on the floor. Oraleigh continues to sleep well and for the most part just wakes up once in the early morning hours between 3 and 5 to eat and go back to sleep for a few more hours. She takes two naps, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. These naps are somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes they are a couple of hours long and other times they are only 30-45 minutes long. She still sleeps swaddled but most of the time gets out of her swaddle. She went through a period of being very unhappy in the church nursery on Sunday mornings, but has finally outgrown this and is pretty happy crawling around playing with all of the toys there. She still refuses any bottles and nurses every 3-4 hours. Overall, she is a happy girl and is a joy to spend our days with.