Julianne's Ninth Birthday

Our sweet and independent Julianne turned nine years old on August 17. She wanted doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast then I took her and some friends to get their nails done (her request). Afterwards I brought all the girls back to our house and we had a tea party luncheon. The girls enjoyed hanging out and were a pleasure to be around. They are a sweet group of friends. That afternoon Julianne’s neighborhood friend, Bryce, came over to play and that evening we had a fire pit and roasted hot dogs for dinner to go with Cheetos and veggies. Instead of having a birthday cake Julianne requested that we have S’mores. She opened her presents from us and spent the rest of the evening playing with her rocket toy. It was a fun ninth birthday and we are praying that God would give us many more years with this creative, smart, book loving, athletic, helpful, outgoing girl.