Julianne - 9 months

Our sweet Julianne is now 9 months old. She celebrated this event with a fun filled day with her "Aunt" Claire. Claire and several friends came to Louisville for a girls weekend before she leaves for New Zealand. We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for lunch and I had my usual Fried Green Tomato BLT (very yummy!). After stuffing ourselves with good food we went down to the waterfront and rented what looked like the Flinstone's car, except with bicycle pedals. It was a lot of fun! Julianne then had her first taste of Graeters, although she was much more interested in her Cheerios and Puffs. She then got to spend the evening with Dave and Jenny while Stephen went to an arena football game and I went to a Shane and Shane concert with the ladies. It was a wonderful day!

One new thing that Julianne has discovered is how to climb stairs. She is quite good at it and can crawl all the way up (with mom or dad close behind, of course). Julianne has also developed a love for her baby doll. My mom got it for Christmas and Julianne never seemed very interested in it until this past week. She carries it wherever she goes. She has even tried to take it in the bath tub, but I put my foot down and baby had to sit on the toilet seat where Julianne could see her. Julianne has also begun nodding her head from side to side. I'm not convinced she knows that it means "no," but it is very cute to watch her do it. Jewels had her 9 month check up today and praise the Lord, she does not have an ear infection (the first time in four months that her ears were clear). At her check-up she was in the 20th percentile for weight, the 25th percentile for height, and the 75th percentile for head circumference. I guess she just has a big head for all the brains she has to fit in it. Here are some pictures of our little girl.