Oraleigh - 6 Months

Oraleigh is now six months (half a year) old. She has been trying to move for the past month but isn’t going anywhere fast. She loves to get up on her knees and rock back and forth and will even get up on her hands and toes, but so far she isn’t interested in going forward. She rolls to the side and scoots backward to end up halfway across the room and can propel herself forward a little bit by lunging forward while on her hands and knees if there is something she wants that is close by. By 6.5 months she began wanting to sit up independently, but she doesn’t spend much time sitting because she wants so badly to move. She has learned to go from her hands and knees to partially sitting up propped to one side. Everything goes into her mouth and she has gotten pretty good at picking up small items. Her favorite things to “play with”(chew on) are her plastic Sophie giraffe, a flower rattle, spoons, cups, unused diapers, fingers (her own or anyone else’s), flip flops, and the plastic food found in the play kitchen. This month Oraleigh has officially started solids. She loves butternut squash and green beans combined, carrots and apples, chunks of peaches, hard crackers, watermelon, and cooked zucchini spears. It took her a good week to be excited about baby food and for that first week she wouldn’t open her mouth, used her tongue to thrust the food back out, and just generally seemed not to care about eating food we tried to feed her. After that week she finally discovered that baby food is good and eagerly eats pureed foods and table foods. She doesn’t seem to mind chunkier textures and does pretty well chewing despite the fact that she still doesn’t have any teeth. Oraleigh has been an inconsistent sleeper this month. A handful of nights she has slept through the night, but most of the time she wakes around 4 a.m. to eat but then goes back to sleep until 7:30-8. There have been some nights that she’s been up twice to eat. She is so good to go right back to sleep so I really don’t mind feeding her at night. She has gotten a summer cold this month and this might be one of the reasons she is up more often at night. She is such a sweet baby and is very happy until she gets tired or bored then she can scream with the best of them. I’m so thankful that God blessed our family with this darling girl!