Track and Field 2016

Julianne and Lorelei completed their first season of Track and Field during June and July. They had a great time and did so well learning about this sport and competing in several track meets. Julianne even got a handful of ribbons for being in the top 6 for long jump and the 4 x 100M relay. She was naturally good at the long jump and learned more about proper technique. She loved running in the relays and tended to like longer distances like the 400 M rather than short sprints. Lorelei got more comfortable as the season went on and found out that she liked and was really good at shorter distances. She placed 15 out of 50 in the 50M and 100M. Both girls were such hard workers at the twice a week 2 hour practices and the four 2-3 hour track meets. All of these were done in at least 90 degree temperatures and they did it for the most part without complaining. It was a fun season of Track!