Oraleigh - 5 Months

Oraleigh turned five months old on Independence day. She celebrated by going to her first 4th of July parade. She was pretty fixated on the colorful floats and loud bands. Oraleigh has become so much fun this past month. She rolls all over the place, is becoming better at using her hands to play with toys and grab at things she finds interesting, laughs at funny things her siblings do, is getting up on her hands and knees but not going forward yet, screams in delight or frustration, jumps while being held or while playing in her over the door jumper, grabs her toes, pushes herself backwards, and lunges for things while being carried around. She is definitely a mover and is rarely still. I think this is one of the reasons that she has no interest in sitting. She would have to be still long enough to sit and has no patience for this.
Oraleigh has become very interested in food and instinctively grabs at things on plates and in cups. We’ve started giving her small tastes of things that we are eating and she loves it. So far she’s tasted watermelon, oranges, guacamole, apricot, green beans, banana, peanut butter, butternut squash, cantelope, strawberries, and there are probably some things that I’m missing. We’ve never really done introduction to solid foods this way, but our pediatrician encouraged it, Oraleigh is interested, and I’m not quite ready to fully start solids with her, so this seems like a good compromise. So far she’s loved anything we’ve let her taste. Daddy even gave her a little taste of ice cream when we celebrated the end of track with her sisters. She still nurses every 3 hours, but depending on the schedule will sometimes eat every 2 hour or can be stretched to eat every 4 hours. She’s pretty flexible. At night she has been inconsistent about how long she will go between feedings. There have been a couple of weeks where she’s up every 4 hours to eat and a handful of times she will go from 8-4 without waking to eat. I’m so thankful, though, that she always goes back to sleep after eating at night. She still sleeps being swaddled, but regularly breaks out of the swaddle at naps and at nighttime. She generally takes great naps, but since it’s summer and we’ve been out doing fun summer things, she has had to be flexible and takes naps either in her car seat or in my arms. We are so thankful for our sweet Oraleigh and what a blessing she is to our family.