Julianne's Baptism

In September 2015 Julianne had a conversation with Stephen in which she told him that she understood that she was a sinner and that she could only be forgiven of this sin by faith in Jesus Christ. She understood that He was killed for her sin on the cross and that He rose again defeating death forever. We have been talking to her, studying the Bible with her, and answering questions that she has since then and we truly believe that she has given her life to follow Jesus. She is by no means perfect (as I am not perfect), but we’ve seen her hardened heart that wants to run from God when she sins, become a softened heart that runs toward God with a desire for repentance and obedience. She is learning so much from the Bible and has very thoughtful questions that she asks to desire to know God more. In April and May she completed a class at church and at the end of the class she expressed interest in being baptized. On Father’s Day, June 19, 2016, Julianne and three of her friends at church were baptized by their earthly fathers. They understood that there was nothing special about the water and that none of the words spoken were what saved them, but that Jesus alone saves sinners. It was a sweet day celebrating what God has done in Julianne’s life and I am thankful now to call her my sister in Christ whom God has adopted because of his great love for sinners like us. Praise Him!