Mobley Homeschool Academy - 2015-2016

The 2015-2016 school year went by so quickly. Julianne completed third grade, Lorelei completed kindergarten, and Morgan completed three year old preschool. Nolan and Oraleigh were along for the ride were so flexible. They joined us for Bible time, Calendar time, and for our Morning Meeting, in which we read each read aloud for each student. After Morning Meeting I settled Oraleigh down for her nap, the boys in their room to play, and started doing school work with Lorelei. She always started with a coloring page or writing/drawing in her journal then moved on to phonics/reading/spelling then moved on to math and finally on to handwriting/copywork. Usually on Thursdays she would complete her recitation questions and we would discuss her art piece and classical music composition for the week. She learned so much this year. She can write simple sentences, spells words phonetically, spells kindergarten sight words correctly, reads simple books easily, understands addition and subtraction, can tell time, understands place value, makes and writes fractions, can count pennies, nickles, and dimes, completes simple word problems, forms all upper and lower case letter correctly, and memorizes short Bible verses and poems.
In our daily schedule after finishing teaching Lorelei, she would then complete her independent work while I moved on to work with Morgan on his school work. Morgan learned how to recognize the letters in his name, count to 14, recognize most shapes and colors, was exposed to many nursery rhymes, can write several letters, understands that letters make specific sounds, how to color in the lines, beginning scissor skills, and how to hold a pencil correctly. After working with Morgan, I would turn on Super Why for Morgan, Nolan, and Lorelei(when she completes all of her independent work). They learned letter recognition, rhyming, letter sounds, and many other beginning reading skills.
During these morning hours Julianne completed all school work that she could do on her own and then after I completed school with Lorelei and Morgan I would help her with any school work that she needed assistance with. Some of this happened before lunch and some happened after lunch/recess in the afternoon when little people were napping or taking rest time. Julianne’s work included grammar recitation, cursive, spelling, reading, math, States and Capitals, Greek Myths, Bible, Latin, IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing), and any science homework from co-op. She learned many grammar rules about punctuation/nouns/pronouns, many new vocabulary words from books she read (Charlotte’s Web, Farmer Boy, Paddington, The Moffats), story sequencing/plot/character development, many new spelling rules and how to spell words that use these rules, memorized multiplication and division facts, learned multiple digit multiplication and division(long division), how to read roman numerals, how to count more complex amounts of money, what each state’s captital is, what each state’s shape looks like and where it belongs geographically, and facts about each state, details of each story, vocabulary, and characters in Greek Myths, details from major Old Testament Bible stories, many new Latin vocabulary words, how to decline and conjugate nouns and verbs, and how to translate from English to Latin and Latin to English, chracteristics of specific types of vertebrates and invertebrates, and what makes up our solar system.
This year was a big leap in time spent doing school and the complexity of her work. There were days when she struggled to do her work in a timely manner, but for the most part she was very capable to complete her work quite independently. All of our schoolwork was completed Tuesday – Friday and Monday we attended our homeschool co-op. On Fridays we tried to do some fun school activities like field trips, park meet ups with friends, and other fun learning activities like learning to sew and cook. We were involved for a second year in a Homeschool Club at our local library and the kids also attended a Book Club there in which they discuss a Magic Treehouse book. We also attended a weekly storytime for Nolan, Morgan, and Lorelei. We had many good days of school, some frustrating days where at least one of us ended up crying, and some great days where everyone got work done quicker than planned. Overall, the year was a success and I am so grateful to God to have gotten to teach my children at home another year.