Soccer - Spring 2016

Lorelei and Morgan participated in soccer this spring. Stephen coached Morgan’s team (The Seattle Sounders) and Lorelei was the only girl on a kindergarten team (The Salt Lake Real) that played at a different location. Sadly, most of their games were at the exact same time so Stephen only saw Lorelei play once and I only saw Morgan play once. Morgan had a good attitude about playing and enjoyed meeting new friends, although he was not particularly engaged in the game. Lorelei was the opposite and was very engaged in the game, but it took her awhile to feel comfortable on the field enough to take part in any plays. Once she felt comfortable she kept up with the ball and got her feet on it quite a bit. She scored two goals this season. At the end of the season we hosted a soccer party for Morgan’s team. We had a great turn out and the kids enjoyed playing together.