Trip out East - May 2016

At the end of May we began the long trek out east which had several stops. Here is what we did during our 16 day trip:

Day 1 – We drove south from Salt Lake City and through the mountains in Utah and Colorado. It was beautiful! We drove through Denver and the rest of Colorado and stayed the night in Oakley, Kansas.
Day 2 – We experienced some engine problems and thankfully made it to a really nice Toyota dealership in Hayes, Kansas where they fixed our van in about 4 hours. The kids played at a great McDonald’s playplace and were grateful to be out of the car. We arrived in St. Louis after midnight to sleep for the night.
Day 3- We drove four and a half hours to Louisville to spend time with our friends, the Balzers, and for Stephen to do some training at Prima (where he worked when we lived in Louisville). We hung out at the Balzer’s house and went to a park to play and have dinner.
Day 4 – We walked across the Big Four Walking Bridge, got caught in an impressive thunder and rain storm, the guys heroically walked back across the bridge to get the cars and came to get us, then we went back to the Balzer’s house and hung out some more.
Day 5 – We left early and drove three hours to Nashville, TN and headed straight to the wedding rehearsal of my cousin so that Morgan could practice being ring bearer. We took lunch to a great park, checked into our hotel, and then headed to the rehearsal dinner at the Loveless Café.
Day 6 – We had breakfast and swam at the hotel, went back to the same park for lunch, then had naps and got ready for the wedding. The wedding and reception were beautiful, hot, and so much fun. The kids loved the dancing and the cake!
Day 7 – We had brunch at the bride and groom’s apartment, ice cream at a yummy shop, and then headed to a house we were renting for the next day and a half with some friends that drove to see us all the way from Augusta, Georgia.
Day 8 – We had a small baby shower for our friends, Lee and Charity, who are getting ready to welcome their daughter at the beginning of July. We hung out at the house and used the cool porch swing in the back then went to a park for the afternoon. We made dinner together, had ice cream sundaes, and visited the rest of the day.
Day 9 – We packed up and drove five hours back to St. Louis to stay with my mom. My brother, his wife, and their two kids were also staying there.
Day 10 – We cleaned out my mom’s storage room downstairs and found lots of treasures that reminded us of fun childhood memories, enjoyed Paka B’s shaved ice, then we went to dinner at Fitz’s with my cousin and her girls.
Day 11 - We headed to the fabulous St. Louis Zoo with my cousin, Rachel, and her girls, Zoe and Willow, and my friend, Sarah, her four kids, and her mom, Barb. That evening we met up at a park with some more friends, Chip and Claire, and their girls, Ellie and Lucy, and Claire’s parents, Karren and Dave, to have dinner and hang out. After we put the kids to bed that night we walked up to Old Town Doughnuts and Fritz’s Frozen Custard with Chip, Claire, Andy, and Sarah, where we also met another friend, Matt.
Day 12 – We went with my brother and his family to IKEA for breakfast and met all of Stephen’s family there to walk around. We went to my mom’s office and visited with her and her co-worker and friend, Carol, then headed to Stephen’s parent’s house to spend time with his brothers and their families.
Day 13 – We had family pictures with the whole Mobley clan, then hung out at Stephen’s parent’s house visiting, playing outside, building with Legoes, eating, and just enjoying time together.
Day 14 – We went to church with my mom at Chatham Bible Church, then had lunch with my mom, my grandma, our friend, Matt, and all of Stephen’s side of the family. That afternoon we hung out and rested then went to Fritz’s after dinner.
Day 15 – We packed up and drove to Limon, Colorado.
Day 16 – We drove to Salt Lake.