Oraleigh - 4 Months

This month Oraleigh has developed quite a bit more personality. She still smiles a lot, laughs, and makes other sounds, but in the past two weeks she has started screaming. She screams when she’s happy, when she’s mad, when she’s sad, and just anytime she needs to hear her voice. Her scream is quite ear piercing and can give one a headache if listening to it for a long time. I think she feels like she needs to make as much noise as her siblings in order to fit in. Oraleigh has found her hands this month and has figured out how to get them in her mouth to chew on them. She is beginning to use her hands to pick up objects to get them to her mouth too, but is not very good at this yet. She has gotten quite good at rolling and can roll all the way across a room. She has been getting her knees under her for a few weeks now and can push her torso up with her hands too, but there have been a handful of times she has put these two together for just a split second. She desperately wants to move! She still loves to be held in the standing position and has loved standing and playing in the exersaucer.

Oraleigh has had a rough month of sleep. Right before our trip to St. Louis she was getting up two or three times at night (compared to her once a night feeds before that) and during the trip she did pretty well, getting up once or twice. Once we got home she was still getting up two or three times a night, but in the past week she has gone back to either one or two feeds at night. A couple of times she has slept from 8-5, but this is not a norm yet. We finally took Oraleigh to her four month old check up when she was closer to 4.75 months old, but she checked out as healthy weighing 13lbs15oz, was 26in long, and her head circumference was 16in. She’s about 25% for everything. Oraleigh still gets so much joy from watching her brothers and sisters. Her sisters are a little more hesitant to hold her because they’re afraid she’ll spit up on them and her brothers are still rough as ever, but Oraleigh loves to watch them. They will often come up to her and poke her face, lay on top of her, speak too loudly to her, but as I’m getting after them for being too rough and loud, Oraleigh will smile at them which only encourages the behavior I am trying to stop. Oraleigh is quite well loved by our family and we continue to be thankful that God entrusted her to us.