Oraleigh - 3 Months

Our sweet Oraleigh is three months old and has made the change from newborn to just “baby”. She continues to be a very happy baby and smiles and even laughs quite often. She has learned how to gurgle, blow spit bubbles, and roll over (back to stomach and stomach to back). Since about two and a half months she has been desperately trying to roll over and finally the day after she turned three months old she succeeded. Now this is all she wants to do – during the day, at night, during naps, in her car seat, in the bouncy seat, while she’s getting her diaper changed. She rarely stays on blankets any more because of the way she rolls and scoots her body with her legs and she gets so upset when she bumps into the couch or rolls off and bonks her head on the hardwood floor. She doesn’t particularly like laying on her tummy, although she can hold her torso and head up quite well, but she is so desperate to practice this new skill that she’ll endure tummy time for awhile and then cry until she’s picked up. She still loves to stand up while being held and when she’s laying in the bouncy seat or in her car seat she’s trying to lift her torso so that she can sit instead of lay. I try to convince her daily that she is a baby and doesn’t need to move quite yet, but she is not yet convinced of this fact. She is still eating every 2.5-3 hours and has started spitting up even more. She regularly spits up after every feeding, but seems to be growing just fine. She got her first full blown cold this month and has had a cough and lots of congestion. She has stopped sleeping as well as she had been. Between her cold, being more alert, and knowing how to roll over she just struggles to settle down. We are still swaddling her, but somehow she can roll over and wiggle around until she completely frees herself of the swaddle blanket. A couple of times we’ve found her completely turned around and in one of the corners of her bed. Even though sleep has been a little worse for our girl, she still is still a wonderful blessing to our family. We can’t imagine life without her!