Morgan's Fourth Birthday

Morgan requested chocolate doughnuts for his birthday breakfast so we sang happy birthday to him and he enjoyed his doughnuts, strawberries, and orange juice. We decorated his birthday cupcakes and got some food ready for his birthday party. Morgan wanted to go to Jungle Jim’s Playland with some of his friends, so we headed there. They rode rides, jumped on bouncies, and looked at all the arcade games. Morgan loved the kiddie roller coaster, the rocket ship ride, and the carousel. He was so excited to get to play with his friends John and Channah. After the kids played there for awhile, we headed over to Fire Station Park to eat lunch and play some more. Morgan wanted to have a Spiderman themed party, so we had spider cupcakes, veggie straws, goldfish, apples and dip, and veggies and dip. It was a little cool and windy that day, but Morgan had a great time playing at the park and “vrooming” his cars down the slide. His friend Samuel joined us at the park and Morgan enjoyed getting to play with him too. That afternoon we went home and Morgan chose to watch Transformers and play with Legoes. Daddy had been out of town so when he and Papa arrived home Morgan was so excited to see them. We went to Chick fil a for dinner, per Morgan’s request, and he wanted a chicken sandwich for his birthday dinner. He played with his sisters and brother in the play area then we went home. He opened birthday presents at home and enjoyed playing with his Nerf gun, legoes, and books before bedtime.
Four year old Morgan is still quite active and busy. He loves to play outside on the trampoline, dig in the rock area, swing, pull and be pulled in the wagon, ride his bike, squish bugs, and blow (i.e, spill) bubbles. He loves to play with with Legoes and builds all sorts of unique creations. His favorite things to build are guns and cars. He’s gotten several Lego sets and will work with someone to put them together. He actually does pretty well in being able to figure out the picture directions and can mostly put the right lego pieces in the right places, but still needs some guidance. As soon as he builds these, though, he starts adding his own elements to them until they are totally unrecognizable from the original structure. Morgan also enjoys playing with his cars and can almost always be seen with a car or lego in his hands. Even though he is almost always moving, he will sit to have books read to him, to draw pictures, or to watch one of the shows he likes. He loves to be read to and will continue to bring you books to be read until you get tired of reading. His pictures have become recognizable as people, houses, monsters, insects, etc. and he is starting to write the “M” and “O” in his name. He can write a handful of other letters and numbers too. He loves all of his classes at co-op but “Miss Wee-suh”’s (Lisa’s) class is his favorite. They are learning their letters by reading books, playing games, and making crafts. For homeschool, he loves to do school with mommy and wants to do much more than she is able to do at this point. Now, we are reading a letter book each week, doing activities/crafts that teach this letter, work on recognizing/writing the letters of his name, and do a nursery rhyme workbook. Morgan loves all of his friends and family. He is so sweet to give everyone hugs, kisses, and to tell us that he loves us. Sometimes he struggles to give everyone the personal space they would like, but he does it all out of love for them. We are still working on using words instead of hitting when he gets angry or frustrated, but he is learning self control and gentleness. He is quick to apologize and regularly prays for God to help him to “not hit”. He seems to have a curiosity for how things work and gets himself into quite a bit of trouble because of this curiousity. He takes apart toys, has used scissors to cut a wire that was plugged into an electrical outlet (and didn’t get hurt), bangs open the piano lid to watch the inside of the piano, unzips pillows and takes out stuffing, and plays with phones, the baby monitor, and anything with buttons. He loves to “help” daddy work with tools and watches him fix things around the house. Morgan has become quite independent in the past six months. He goes to the restroom by himself and likes to stand to go pee, he picks out his clothes and dresses himself, he tries to do his own hair by spraying it with water and brushing it, he gets his own drinks, and can clean up his room by himself. A couple of months ago he got his second set of ear tubes and is finally hearing normally and not having as many ear infections. He went to his four year old well check and weighed 39 pounds, got three shots, and got some medicine for eczema issues that he has on his back and on his scalp. Otherwise he was healthy. We are so thankful for the mess and joy that this boy bring to our family!