Oraleigh - 2 months

Oraleigh is full of smiles at two months old. She is regularly smiling at people when they look at her face from close up. She smiles most at Mommy and Julianne, but she also loves to smile at Daddy, Lorelei, Morgan, and Nolan. She is very ticklish during diaper and clothing changes and gives a smile and an uncomfortable grunt (almost a laugh) when tickled in the right place. She still eats every two hours when she’s awake, but will go 3-3.5 hours when she’s asleep and she has finally started to sleep some in her carseat when we are out, which has been a wonderful turn of events. She still screams for some of the time when she’s in her carseat, especially when we strap her in at first, but she’s become a little more pleasant while in this contraption. She loves to be worn in the Moby wrap and this is how she naps some of the time at co-op, parks, and while grocery shopping or running errands. She continues to take a pacifier well when she’s tired or upset. She enjoys laying on a blanket on the floor and rolling to her side, watching the chaos around her, or kicking her legs so that she sometimes scoots herself off the blanket. She also loves to be held so that she is standing with her feet on your lap or the ground.

This month she has started making sweet cooing noises and loves to “talk” and be talked to. She enjoys being held by her sisters and they can often put her to sleep when she is fussy. She tends to flinch and fuss a little when her brothers come near because they like to get in her face, bump into her, talk loudly, and give her wet, slobbery kisses. Even they, though, have gotten some good smiles from her. Oraleigh continues to be a great sleeper and has slept anywhere from 5-9 hours between the first feeding, eats, then goes back to sleep for another 3-5 hours. She usually wakes up for the day around 7 – 7:30 and takes a nap from 9-11:30, takes another nap from 2-4:30, and is ready for bedtime somewhere between 7:30 and 8. Oraleigh has been the happiest baby and we are so thankful for her!