Oraleigh - 1 Month

Oraleigh has become quite a bit more predictable at one month old. She takes a couple good naps (2ish hours) in her bed, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then takes a cat nap here or there to tide her through until her next big patch of sleep. She is very alert and is happy for 30 – 45 minutes after a feeding, then gets fussy and has a hard time falling back asleep. She does not like to be strapped into her carseat and despises the bouncy seat. She loves to lay flat on a blanket though and rarely stays on her back, but rather turns over to her side and just looks around. She takes a pacifier much better when she’s fussy, but sometimes she will refuse to take it. She does not like to have her diaper or clothes changed and still hates baths. She eats every two hours when she’s awake, but will go 3 hours when taking a nap between feedings. She is a slow eater and generally takes 30 minutes or more if I will let her. She has now grown out of all of her newborn clothes so I know she’s growing even though it’s hard for me to tell since I’m with her every day. She smiled for the first time at four weeks old at her sister, Julianne. This is not a regular occurrence though. We finally had “newborn” pictures taken of her right before she turned one month. She has become much more spitty in the past several days and pretty much spits up after each feeding, although it seems like she spits up less than her siblings did at that age. Oraleigh “participated” in her first surprise birthday party for Mr. Seth and celebrated her first Easter as well. She continues to sleep well at night and will sleep 5-7 hours between her last nighttime feeding, and will eat and go back to sleep for another 3-5 hours. Generally, she is only waking me up once at night to eat, but sometimes she’ll wake up twice to eat. She has a sweet disposition and we all are crazy about her!