Oraleigh's First Month

Oraleigh’s first month went by so quickly. My mom stayed with us for a little over a week and was such a help with taking care of the kids and cooking. Oraleigh went to her first doctor appointment at four days old and her weight (7lbs 8 oz) was almost back up to her birth weight. During Oraleigh’s first week while Mimi visited, Oraleigh went to a trampoline park, had her first Build a Bear experience, went to Chick Fil A several times, celebrated her first Valentine’s Day, and got lots of snuggles from her siblings, Mimi, Mommy, and Daddy. At the end of Mimi’s trip everyone except for Oraleigh caught a stomach bug so Mimi got to stay a few more days while she recovered. Oraleigh struggled to sleep during the early night hours (10p.m.-2a.m.) for the first two weeks of her life. We tried letting her sleep in her carseat, sleeping in bed with us, feeding her hourly, but she just would not settle down until the early morning hours. Once she fell asleep she would do a 4-5 hour stretch, would nurse, then would sleep for a few more hours. At about 2 weeks she finally decided to sleep and would go to bed between 9 and 10 and would sleep a 5-7 hour stretch, would nurse, then would sleep a few more hours. Oraleigh has been a wonderful sleeper! She loved to sleep on her belly all curled up in a ball during the day and mainly took naps while we held her, but started sleeping in her bed for naps some toward the end of her first month. She also did not like taking a pacifier for the first couple of weeks but has warmed up to it since then. She went to our homeschool co op for the first time when she was a week and a half and slept most of the time while I wore her in the Moby Wrap. She went to church for the first time at two and a half weeks and went to our community group for the first time that night. She got her first real bath at three weeks old and screamed the entire time and therefore hasn’t gotten many baths since. Julianne and Lorelei have been such sweet sisters to hold and comfort Oraleigh when I need them to. They are both such wonderful helpers and I don’t know what I would do without them. Morgan loves Oraleigh and enjoys holding her, shushing her, singing to her, and kissing her. He regularly calls her “Oraleigh, sweet sister”. Nolan loves her too and gives her slobbery kisses and enjoys making mommy nervous by poking at “Oreo”’s face. She is such a wonderful fit to our family and we are thankful that God has blessed us with her!