Nolan's Second Birthday

Nolan was feeling pretty crummy from a cold on his birthday, but he still managed to have some fun. We had a doughnut cake (just doughnuts stacked on top of each other) for breakfast and sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He was a little out of it from just waking up and from not feeling well so he gave us all strange looks when we were singing to him, but he enjoyed eating the doughnuts. We got a fresh layer of snow on his birthday which was exciting to the kids and we went to church that morning. Nolan had a birthday nap on the way home from church and he had a PBJ and chips for lunch. I had made him a cookie cake with M & M’s on it (he loves M & M’s) and we sang “Happy Birthday” to him again. He was much more agreeable during this singing and loved eating his cookie with some “i-neem”(ice cream). He opened his gifts and his favorite gift was matchbox cars. He took an afternoon nap and then we went to our community group that evening.

Nolan is such a sweet two year old. He was putting words together at two, but a couple of months after he turned two he became much more conversational. He clearly tells us what he wants, tells us what he has done or would like to do, and tattles on his siblings. He’ll cry and sadly say “buh-buh hit head” (brother hit head) or “Lo-lie take ball” (Lorelei take ball). He is much more clearly saying names. He calls Morgan “buh-buh” (brother) and won’t attempt to say his name, he calls himself “boy” and won’t attempt to say his name either, he calls Julianne “ju-ju”, he calls Lorelei “Low-lie”, and he calls Oraleigh “oreo”. He attempts to say his friends names too. Judah, Judson, Catherine, Naomi, Addie, and Maya are his favorite friends and he pretends to talk to them on the phone and enjoys playing with them. Nolan is a very friendly boy and says “hi” to anyone he sees. He loves to be around people and will sit in any open lap. He loves to play with balls, cars, legoes, balloons, and his “doggie” stuffed animals. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline, trying on shoes that are not his own, and coloring with crayons. He has become quite mischevious and also likes to color on walls and furniture, throws anything that can fit into his hands, dumps bins of toys, and just generally gets into things that he should not be into. He is a rough boy and loves to wrestle daddy and Morgan, but often does not know when to stop and ends up hurting people that he plays with. We are constantly teaching him to be gentle and obey and he is slowly learning these things. He can repeat anything we tell him to say after us. “Rah-rah” is how he says sorry and he has to say it a lot. He is quite the family clown and enjoys making everyone laugh. Although he’s gotten a bit more difficult to handle, he is sweet, funny, snuggly boy. I am so thankful that God has given him to our family.