Lorelei's Sixth Birthday

Lorelei was so excited that Papa and Gigi would be with her on her actual birthday. She requested cinnamon rolls and grapes for breakfast and after breakfast she opened her presents. She got a lego set from her siblings, a sled that she’s been wanting from mommy and daddy, some doll clothes from Papa and Gigi, and a matching outfit for her and her doll from Uncle Jason, Aunt Laura, Ethan and Noelle. She was also very excited to get money from Great Grandma Muhleman, Uncle Steve and Aunt Shelley, and Lee and Charity. She spent the morning clothing her dolls in their new outfits and putting together her new lego set. She wanted to watch a movie for rest time and then we all went sledding at the park near our house. We warmed up with some popcorn and hot chocolate and then went to Pei Wei for dinner (Lorelei’s request). She wanted the “rice with crab” (also known as Shrimp Fried Rice) and ate all of the shrimp and a little of the rice. Afterward she wanted to get ice cream so we went to Coldstone Creamery and she chose raspberry sorbet with gummy bears. She had a wonderful sixth birthday!

Lorelei continues to be tall for her age and her hair has become much more straight as it gets longer. She has lost four teeth, with one more that should be coming out soon. She loves anything to do with music, baby dolls, and art. She has always been musical and continues to love to listen to music, sing familiar songs, make up her own songs, put on concerts for her friends and family, and play instruments to accompany her singing. In the past couple of months she learned to whistle and can regularly be heard whistling throughout the house. She always has a baby doll with her and takes care of them as if they are real. She loves real babies and little kids too. She actually prefers to play with kids that are a little younger than her so that she can care for them and mother them. She is a very thoughtful child and regularly sees a need and meets it without being asked. She gives compliments liberally to anyone she meets and notices people’s emotions and sincerely asks them how they are doing. Her sense of compassion and care for others amazes me and is an example for me to follow. This does not mean she does not struggle sometimes with picking on her siblings, but overall God has gifted her with the gift of encouragement and compassion. Lorelei is doing wonderful in kindergarten and in the past couple of months has truly started to understand reading and writing. She is naturally talented in math and easily performs simple addition equations, counts by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and is beginning to understand the concept of money. She has become so much better at coloring and really enjoys creating works of art. So much so that she (with the help of her brother and sister) have used an entire ream of copy paper in the past three months. We’re still working on using art supplies wisely. Lorelei has always played well with Morgan, but has finally started to play well with Julianne too. She loves to help and mother Nolan.