Christmas 2015

December was filled with much celebration. At the beginning of the month I took the girls to a children’s ballet company that performed The Nutcracker. We had a couple of groups of friends over to decorate sugar cookies. We did our annual caroling at a nursing home, which was a sweet time with the kids and some of their (and our) friends. Julianne saw a play of “A Christmas Carol” that one of her friends was in. We went downtown to listen to a friend’s choir perform and walked around to see the lights at Temple Square. We drove around looking at Christmas lights and also did some Christmas shopping. I took the kids to the Dollar Tree like every other year, but it was fun to see them really think about what people would like to get as a gift. Morgan got anything that he himself would like and kept saying that people would share with him. Lorelei picked out very thoughtful gifts and Julianne was very generous and bought several things for each person. It was so fun to see their excitement as each person opened the gift they gave them.

We had a Christmas Eve Eve service at church and on actual Christmas Eve we had snacks and watched the Nativity Story movie. Papa and Gigi were supposed to fly in to Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve afternoon, but their flight was cancelled and delayed so much that they didn’t get in until the evening of Christmas day. We were supposed to have friends over for dinner that night, but they got into a bad car wreck on the way to our house and their car was totaled and they had to make a trip to the hospital for stiches. We watched their kids while they were at the hospital, so the kids had a great time playing, but we were so sorry for all of their trouble. They all ended up spending the night at our house, which would have been a great time if not for the reason they were there. We enjoyed hanging out with them and they are doing much better now. The rest of our time with Papa and Gigi was filled with opening Christmas presents, playing with new toys, putting together Lego sets, seeing the lights at Temple Square, going to church, fixing our back door, celebrating Lorelei’s birthday, sledding, and going to Pei Wei and Coldstone Creamery. We had a great time with just being with Papa and Gigi!