Nolan - 21, 22, and 23 Months

Nolan is a few weeks away from his second birthday and has changed so much over the past few months. He is speaking much more and is regularly putting words together to form more complete thoughts. He says, “Nah-nah daddy”(thank you daddy), “bees top” (please stop), “nah mah wah-dow” (no more water), “doos ah” (shoes on), “nah mommy” (no mommy), “neh mommy” (yes mommy) “ow buh hud” (ow bump head), “bay bahks”(play blocks), “dee you” (see you), “ree boot” (read book), and he will repeat anything we tell him to say. He’s learning to ask, “May I be excused?” and “Thank you God for the food.” He’s very proud of himself when he says these things like his older siblings do. He recognizes what numbers and letters are and calls every letter “A” and every number “un, doo”(one, two).

He loves to play with “momo”(Elmo), “doddies”(doggies), “bah” (blocks, legoes), “baby” (baby dolls), “coptos”(helicoptors), “duk” (trucks), and “ba” (balls). He is learning to clean up, but prefers to play rather than actually put things away. He is beginning to like being read to and will sit on your lap for 10-15 minutes while you read books to him. He loves bathtime, brushing his teeth, clipping his nails, and brushing his hair. He still has not had a real haircut (just a couple of trims to get rid of super long strands of hair) and his blond, fine baby hair seems to grow pretty slowly. He seems to always have some kind of cut or bruise on his head, which is just the clumsy stage he’s in. His last injury resulted from taking a ride down the stairs on his new big wheel. He got a bit of carpet burn on his nose and forehead.

For the most part he has been a pretty happy kid, but in the past month or so he gets so frustrated and upset over the smallest things. Mainly this happens when he does not get exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it. We’re trying to train him to stop screaming and crying and to use words, but sometimes he is simply out of control and needs to be removed to his bed or another quiet place to finish his crying and get some self control. After a few minutes this seems to do the trick and when we retrieve him he’s as happy as a clam (at least until the next outburst). He continues to be a good eater and tries most foods, but he has his dislikes and will wholeheartedly refuse to eat them unless forced to do otherwise. He is still taking one good afternoon nap (2-3 hours) and after playing in his crib for 30 minutes-1 hour he sleeps well throughout the night. In the past month he has figure out how to open and close doors by twisting a circular doorknob. He gets a lot of joy running away and into a room and then closing the door as quickly as possible. Although he can be frustrating at times, he is a funny boy who keeps us laughing.