Nolan - 19 & 20 Months

Nolan has developed quite the little personality over the past couple of months. I think he will be our family clown. He loves to do things to get attention and to get a good laugh and truthfully he's pretty funny sometimes. He is talking more and more every day. His older siblings love saying "Nolan say _____" and he'll give his best effort to say whatever they've said. He's even started putting a couple of words together. "Dee daddy" (see daddy) and "wah-duh bees" (water please). Some of his other words are "bah"(blocks, ball), "booh" (book), "ee" (eat), "uh" (hug), "dih" (kiss), "nah-nah" (night-night, nap), "app-ee" (apple), "abby" (Abby), "doo-duh" (Judah), "La-la" (Lorelei), "doo-doo" (Ju-ju), "buh-buh" (brother), "no", "ra" (car), "baby" and "duh-dee" (cookie). He is starting to differentiate between animals rather than call them all dogs and is starting to name them by their sounds. When we went to the state fair he loved all the animals, but especially loved the sheep. He can point to many of his facial features when asked where they are and says "eye" very clearly. He is now jumping with both feet off the ground and especially loves jumping on the trampoline. He loves to play with cars, legoes, blocks, balls, instruments, and stuffed animals or baby dolls. He will sit and look at books for awhile on his own, but won't sit for long to be read to yet. He loves to wear hats and shoes (any shoes, not just his own). "Doos" (shoes) are actually one of his favorite toys too. He likes to put them on his feet, put them on other's feet, line them up in rows, and just scatter them around the house. Another Nolan quirk is that he loves to have his fingernails cut. He regularly brings me nail clippers and fusses at me until I'll sit him on my lap and cut his nails. Funny boy! He is becoming more like a two year old every day. He tells me "no" when he doesn't like things, is testing boundaries like crazy, and throws some good tantrums. He also gives great hugs, loves to snuggle, and loves to look at and pat babies. Overall, he is a funny, easy going kid, who is becoming more and more independent every day. God has blessed us greatly by allowing him to be in our family!