Summer 2015

This summer we thoroughly enjoyed our time off school and did many fun things. We went to several summer movies in the theatre, splash pads, new and old parks, Discovery Gateway Children's Museum, the library, the pool, a 4th of July parade, on a couple of hikes, a few movies in the park, and swim lessons. Julianne spent most of her summer reading, playing with friends, and doing various art projects. Lorelei enjoyed making blanket forts with friends, playing with her baby dolls, learning to ride her bike without training wheels, and learning to swim. Morgan learned and mastered using the potty, built things with his legos, and loved getting to play with Lorelei since she didn't have to do school. Nolan transitioned to just taking an afternoon nap, mastered many new words, and enjoyed getting into whatever his siblings were playing with. It was a fun summer!