Nolan - 17 & 18 Months

The past two months have been filled with lots of summer activities and have gone by so quickly. Nolan has doing so much more talking and is a very friendly boy. He loves people and enjoys making them laugh. When others laugh he wants to be part of it too and laughs along with everyone else. Some of his words are: “wah-duh”(water), “ah” (on, off), “buh”(please), “mah”(mine), “dah-dah”(dog), “bah-bah”(ball), “nuh”(no), “La-la”(Lorelei), “zah”(shoe), “nah-nah”(nap, night), “buh”(bug), “duh”(stuck), and “ah-dah”(all done). As you can tell his speech is not super clear, although we are understanding him more and more. His most used word is probably his most clearly understood word: “wah-duh”(water). He regularly walks around the house crying this word as if he’s been wandering around a desert for hours in search of water. It’s quite pitiful and desperate when he would like a drink. “Wah-duh”(water) is how he communicates his desire for any drink (milk, juice, lemonade, etc.)

Nolan is still walking, running, and climbing well, but has also started jumping. Most of the time he just bounces with his feet still on the floor, but he’s starting to get a little air between his feet and the floor. He loves to jump on the trampoline too when his siblings aren’t bouncing him around. He enjoys swinging in the baby swing at the park, but has also started swinging on the regular swing by holding on. Nolan has become quite interested in putting little items in and out and on and off. His favorite item to do this with are legoes (Duplo and regular). He works hard on putting two legoes together and then taking them apart for 15-20 minutes sometimes. He is very concentrated on this task which usually results in heavy breathing and him sticking out his tongue.

Nolan still loves his siblings. Julianne and Lorelei hold him, do things for him, and bring him things to play with so, of course, he loves them, at least until they cross the line of doing too much for him and make him mad. Nolan has a love/hate relationship with his brother. He loves to watch Morgan play, loves to play with Morgan, and loves to roughhouse with Morgan, but often this goes too far and ends in Nolan crying. Nolan is learning quickly though how to retaliate and has gotten quite good at pulling hair, pinching, and taking a swing at Morgan. Nolan loves most people and greets everyone with a smile. He especially loves babies and calls every baby by his favorite baby’s name, “Doo-duh”(Judah). This is a good thing that he has a love for babies because this month he found out that he is going to be a big brother in about six months. He seems unaffected by this news, but hopefully he’ll still be excited about babies when his younger brother or sister joins our family in February. Here are some pictures of our sweet boy over the past couple of months.