Julianne - 8 months

Julianne celebrated her eight month birthday by going to her pediatrician this morning. The visit was to check her ears as a follow up for the ear infection she still had last month which actually started the month before. The doctor concluded that she has another double ear infection and put her on another, still stronger antibiotic. Poor little girl has her mommy and daddy to thank for troublesome ears. Anyway, she seems relatively unaware that she has an infection and continues to be her happy and very busy little self.

Julianne has definitely gained speed in her crawling and creeping. When she sees something of interest she gets a very determined look on her face, zeros in on the object, and heads very quickly toward it. She pulls up to a standing position on just about anything that will hold her weight and loves walking while holding onto mommy or daddy's hands. In the last week she has learned how to very gracefully get back down the crawling position from standing. Because of the newfound freedom that comes with being mobile, Julianne is into everything. She enjoys testing her mommy's patience by getting into Abby's dog food over and over again, even after being diverted many times. She keeps herself quite entertained and can play by herself for longer periods of time. When she is done, though, she lets me know by crawling over to me and pulling up on my legs so that I can't move anywhere.

Julianne has become much more conversational in the last couple weeks. Her new favorite sound is "dadada." We'd like to think she knows daddy's name, but I think she really just likes the way it sounds. It sounds like she really is carrying on a conversation because she emphasizes certain sounds and inflects her voice. She also has acquired a very cute fake laugh and cry. She uses both to get attention and it usually works! Anyway, here are some pictures of our sweet little eight month old.