Murray Soccer - Spring 2015

This spring was Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan’s first experience with a team sport and we tried soccer first. Julianne and Lorelei were a little nervous and cautious at first but both of them improved so much in the month and a half season. Julianne at first had trouble being distracted and keeping her eye on the ball, but by the end she was more aggressive and had several really good plays as a midfielder. Lorelei wasn’t very excited about playing at first, but in the last half of the season she learned to be a good defense player and would often run back to stop the other team from scoring a goal. She even scored two goals during the season (one for the other team, one for her team). Morgan loved the idea of soccer and liked being with his teammates, but did not really understand the point of the game and just did not want to play most of the time. They all loved meeting new friends and have gotten the chance to hang out with some of them outside of games and practices. Stephen coached Lorelei and Morgan’s team, the Seattle Sounders, and a good friend of ours coached Julianne’s team, the Salt Lake Real. At the end of the season we had a soccer party for the team that Stephen coached then we went to a Real Monarchs game. It was a great season!