Nolan - 15 & 16 Months

These past two months have flown by, which is why I am just now sitting down to write about Nolan’s latest developments. Nolan is talking more and more every day. One of his sweetest words (in my opinion) that he started saying at 15 months is “mama”. He also says “dada”(daddy)“duh-duh” (Ju-Ju), “La-la”(Lorelei), “bah-bah” (ball-ball), “buh”(cup and please and bird), “wa-wa”(water), “muh”(more), “dah-dah” (dog-dog), “uh-oh”, “uh-uh” (airplane), “duh” (jump), “tih-tih” (cracker), “ub” (up), and “puh-puh”(purple). Purple is obviously one that he is just imitating when we say it. He is a good imitator and will try to say some words that we say clearly for him. He doesn’t necessarily get the correct sounds but usually imitates the correct syllables. Nolan can make the signs for “more” and “please”. He very proudly puts his fingers together and signs “more” and when he signs “please” he takes his hand and wipes the side of his stomach (you’re supposed to rub with one hand on your chest in a circular motion). Most of the time he does these after he’s shown and told to do them, but he’s starting to do them on his own.

Nolan is walking at any speed, climbing, jumping (without his feet leaving the ground), dancing, throwing, kicking, clapping, and giving kisses. He widely opens his mouth and plans a sloppy “kiss” right on your lips if you’ll let him. His favorite thing to play with still are balls and he absolutely loves throwing them or anything else that is the “throw-able” size. We’re starting to teach him to only throw balls, because he has quite the arm and throws hard things really hard, which hurts when they are thrown in your direction. He loves to throw balls in the kid-sized basketball goal that we have and loves to kick balls too. He still loves to put things in his mouth that are not food. The things I find most often in his mouth are rocks, chalk, crayons, beads, and legoes. He continues to be a good eater. He loves yogurt, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, oatmeal, beans, applesauce, PBJ’s, cheese, bacon, sausage, chicken, potatoes, smoothies, scrambled eggs, cheerios, M&M’s, granola bars, and ice cream. He does not like lunch meat, watermelon, most breads, apples, broccoli, and most uncooked veggies. When he does not like an item of food he chucks it across the table or on the floor. We are also in the process of teaching him to leave his food on the table rather than throwing it. Nolan is fully on cow’s milk now and stopped nursing right at 16 months. He has not missed it at all.

Nolan is still sleeping well at night and a naptime. He is still in the inbetween stage of going from two naps to one. He still takes a great morning nap if we’re home, but also does fine without it, but is ready for an earlier afternoon nap. He has had a couple of viruses in the last month that have made him very cranky some days. He also has gotten his four incisors, so although he is pleasant most of the time, when he’s not watch out. I’ve found that just putting him in his bed seems to comfort him even if he doesn’t go to sleep.

One last funny Nolan story for this month: Nolan has loved getting into the bathrooms and getting into all sorts of things. He loves to splash in the toilet (flushed and unflushed – yuck!). You can just imagine how his love of throwing and his love of toilets might get him into trouble. At different times throughout the past couple of months I’ve found several things in the toilet after Nolan is caught in the bathroom. Well, one day after Nolan was found in the bathroom the toilet stopped flushing correctly. It took forever to flush and then we still had to plunge it several times. This went on for weeks and close to a month later Stephen took the toilet apart and after much hunting and looking around he found the culprit: a gray Duplo block. We are now much more diligent now about shutting the bathroom doors when they are not in use.