Papa and Gigi's Visit - April 2015

We had a wonderful visit with Stephen's parents(Papa and Gigi) at the end of April. They got to go to a couple of the kid's soccer games and were instrumental in staying at Julianne's games and transporting her to Morgan and Lorelei's games which Stephen coached at. We hiked to Ensign Peak, walked around the LDS temple grounds (where we got caught in several downpours), ate dinner at Ruth's Diner, walked around a very soggy "This Is The Place", went to Lowes or Home Depot almost every day in order to complete several home projects, ate at Chick fil A, watched old home videos of Stephen when he was around Julianne's age, went to Hope Church, played with Legoes, read books, watched movies, hiked around Silver Lake (although we couldn't see the lake because it was covered in snow), ate lunch at Park City, ate cookies from Ruby Snap, and generally just enjoyed our time with one another. We were refreshed and very thankful that God allowed this visit to happen!