Morgan's Birthday

Morgan's birthday actually fell on Easter this year, so when he woke up (a little later than normal) he had resurrection rolls, strawberries, a hard boiled Easter egg, and orange juice for breakfast. He had part of a doughnut at church and played with all of his friends in the nursery during our church service. Dr. Seth even gave him a special sticker that said "It's my birthday". After the church service all of the kids took part in an Easter Egg hunt. Morgan totally knew what to do this year and found a lot of eggs and quickly opened all of them and got the trinkets, stickers, and candy that were inside. He had sausage balls and fruit for lunch which we also had at church then we went home for naps. He has been struggling to go down for naps and plays for awhile in his bed before he goes to sleep. His birthday was no different. He probably played in his bed for an hour and when I was going down to tell him he could play quietly in his room I found that he just fallen asleep so he did get a little bit of a birthday nap in. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said he wanted to go to a walrus restaurant. Since we had never heard of one of those (although it does exist in Bismark, ND) we asked him what he wanted to eat. Morgan told us that he wanted a hot dog so we tried out a new fast food restaurant called Weinerschnitzel. He had a hot dog, apple slices, and pretzels for a picnic dinner at Wheeler Farm. After dinner he spent time climbing a tree, playing with sticks, petting baby sheep and cows, looking at turkeys, goats, and horses, and sitting on a tractor. When we went home we sang happy birthday to him, ate cake, and let him open presents. Some of his favorite presents were legoes, Season 1 of the original Batman television series, a batman shirt, and Lego guys. He had a wonderful day celebrating turning three!