Nolan - 14 Months

Nolan started walking fully a few days after he turned 14 months. It was like he finally decided to give walking a try and just did it all of a sudden. He seems a lot happier being able to move around like everyone else and has picked up speed in no time. He has learned to stand up without pulling up on anything, which makes walking much easier. He still falls down quite a bit, but is able to stand himself back up pretty quickly and keep moving. He has also begun climbing onto anything his short little legs can get himself onto. He climbs onto chairs, low tables, beds, the fireplace, playgrounds, etc. He has gotten a lot steadier at climbing up stairs and even safely climbs downstairs every once in awhile, although he is still cautious of going down. His favorite activity right now is playing with cups and balls. He loves throwing balls, holding onto them, stealing them from others, and trying to get as many balls as possible into his little hands. He uses cups to put things in and out of. This can keep him busy for a long time and if he happens to find a ball to put in and out of a cup he is in heaven. “Bah-bah” (ball) is his favorite and most used word. He also says, “Dada”, “wah-wah”(water), “uh-oh”, “bah-bah”(bye-bye), “Ah”(hi), “buh-buh”(baby), “dat”(that), and “rah-rah” for a lot of things he doesn’t have a word for yet.

He is a good eater usually and will eat just about anything we eat, but his favorite foods are PBJ sandwiches, pretzels, applesauce, smoothies, beans and rice, cooked carrots, cooked veggies, hummus, blueberries, bananas, raisins, cereal, oatmeal, cookies, ice cream, and most sweets. He likes to drink milk and water and is still nursing once in the morning and once before bedtime. He sleeps through the night and still takes two naps when we are at home in the morning, but on the days when we are out he can do without his morning nap. He is constantly moving when he’s not asleep and loves to do things as roughly and loudly as possible. He keeps us on our toes!